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          Family is the most important entity in our lifeA family usually consists of father, mother and children.This is what we call a family's foundationIn addition to basic family, there are also expanded family consisting of grandparents, uncles, cousins and other family. We must respect each other because creating a happy and harmonious family is what we want to do after all. With these attitudes, our family relationship will be increasingly close and lasting.

        The first step to creating a happy family is that the parents must play the most important role in the family in paying attention to their children. As for the increasing of criminal cases in which teenagers are mostly involved - This is because their parents do not pay enough attention or may not know anything about their childrens' problems which subsequently causes these children to have no place to complain and no place to express themselves. If parents are concerned about this, perhaps their children will not be involved in crimes. So parents should spend some time with their children so that the children can share their problems and they also expect their parents to help them solving their problems. These children will involve in crimes and doing the unexpected because they are haunted by the problems they have.

        Next, the children themselves also play an important role in fostering a happy family. For example, the older brother or sister who is an adult,may help ease their parents' burden by taking care for the younger siblings, doing the house chores and maybe cooking ! Hence, it will not be too distress when their parents return home after a hard day of work. In fact, the mother will also be happy to see if the condition of the house is spick and span. 

      Furthermore, grandfather grandmother and other relatives also play a big role in forming a happy family. Family's enthusiasm must be nurtured over time. For example, when a wedding is held,  it is preferable that there are at least desserts or even cakes provided which are hand-made in a collaborative fashion by the whole family and by inviting relatives, we can be closer to them and close at its warmest and of course the event will eventually end jubilantly.

    Tolerance and mutual understanding are the two most crucial recipes in creating a harmonious family. Thus, mutual tolerance must be nurtured so that a family will be secure and peaceful. Tolerant attitude will be born of mutual love and respect each other. No matter whatever any misunderstanding and quarrel occurred, remember that the elder should give up for the younger. Being the mankind's first institution; a happy family will thence shape you positively. Appreciate every of your family member for without them who knows what are you going to be soon and who are you standing here today ?!



The sould sheds light and death is its shadows. When the light dims, life and death embrace.

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