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           Love, though it does not have a definite shape or physical form, we could feel it vividly in our self because we are a living being. The need for affection and the need for attention are also love. Love is a unique feeling of respect, adoration, desire for a given individual or object which eventually makes the person to become one whole entity and at the same time reveals the dependance on the object of love as a carrier of a unique combination of the proportion of certain qualities or peculiarities. Love can colour your life and vice versa and it can even shape your personalities in which some cases, an individual is said to be having multiple characters ; one is his true self, and the one is a personality affected by the power of love. Love is blind. Love is despair. Love is hope. Love is life. Love is colourful. And love is what makes us human. 

A bokeh of love.

Ways to spread love :

Picture above shows people who are in need for help.

I) Help the poor

Sometimes we see needy people asking for help. Upon encountering them, what do we feel that instant? Is it pitiful? How often did we help them? Well, just being pity don't help you or won't do you any good. Take actions ! For example, donate (even a buck will do) to the needy asking from you whenever you encounterd them. A buck might be valueless or so I'd say to you, but who knows how much it'd mean to the receiver. “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” - Mother Teresa - 

From the above quote by Mother Teresa, it is crucial that we should be honest when giving things. Well, honesty is the best policy. 

Plus, by helping the poor, we are actually spreading love. 

II) Help communities

Disasters are inevitable and unpredictable. It might happen anywhere and anytime in this world. For example flood ( as to what had happened in Kelantan last year ) Some of the victims involved in this natural catastrophe lost everything. They lost their belongings. They lost a place called home. And ultimately some lost a gift called 'life.' Therefore, some of the minority ( mostly non-profitable organisation ) stand up pleading for help in forms of money, foods, etc. This is what we call restoration of faith in humanity. These individuals do not stand up for fame, money, or profits but they do it out of love. 

From the pictures above, it shows that love has no limit. Love knows no racism, fascism, secularism, sexism and et cetera. Love has no boundary as it expands asymptotically not knowing where to stop as long as there are humans willfully standing up to help. Love is the most powerful emotion a person can feel. It can be both and bad. Love is the weapon of mass destruction or reconstruction. Therefore, love at your utmost ! 



The sould sheds light and death is its shadows. When the light dims, life and death embrace.

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